Web and e-marketing

They're the fastest growing media for marketing. Used correctly, they hold out the potential of dramatic reductions in costs and increases in efficiencies. There's a wide range of online media to use to promote your business and all can play a part in your marketing strategy. When considering how prospective customers discover and view your business, then how you communicate with them both during the sale process then ongoing CRM, digital technologies have a vital role to play. During the last couple of years just about everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Used properly they can add a useful new channel for communication with customers and the wider market but their effectiveness and ROI has to be measured against other elements of the marketing mix.

Web content & seo

There is a very simple rule about the web. The internet is about information. That is what drives it. Simple as that. People are looking for products, services, deals, jobs, news, entertainment, knowledge, hobbies and anything else you can think of. It is the words that bring people together not colour schemes, fonts or clever tricks. With the correct choice of keywords and their strategic placement on your website so that they are picked up by search engines and add value for your customers, your website will connect you and your business to a wider audience.

Email & sms marketing

Figures published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) suggest that, email marketing has now overtaken direct mail in terms of volume. Something that ought not to come as a surprise when you consider how much cheaper, more measurable and better targeted email can be than direct mail. The DMA estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested. A number of sources have suggested that this is better than any other platform.

Don't forget your customers!

Many businesses neglect their current and past customers and focus money and resources on finding new customer opportunities. We will show you how to market cheeply and affectively to your existing database. Clients are often surprised at how easy and successful this can be. Email marketing can also make it much more cost effective to reach out to new customers. It is possible to purchase data based on several criteria - business or consumer, geographic location, household income or business turnover and even make and model of car owned. I can source customer data and design a campaign specifically aimed at your targett market. Mobile Text messaging (SMS) is often overlooked as a way of communicationg with customers.. Whether you wish to create SMS marketing campaigns, send messages to customers or staff or send SMS messages from an email system, I can design the right business solution for you.

Advertising and PPC

Online advertising is an obvious way to drive traffic to your website, either display ad's on sites visited by potential customers or "pay per click" advertising, or PPC. PPC is a great way to quickly drive targeted traffic to your site. Instead of paying upfront for placing your ad on search engines, you are only charged when someone actually clicks on your keyword-targeted advertisement. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all offer pay-per-click advertising

Social media

There can be little doubt about the growing influence of social media to the marketing efforts of many businesses, particularly small and medium businesses. However, just because something is trendy is not a good enough reason to commit resources to it at the cost of other marketing activities. You need to be clear about your objectives and understand the amount of work invloved in using facebook, twitter etc effectively and be able to measure the ruturn on your investment.

Use video to enhance your website

When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that can increase the popularity of your web pages and enhance your visitors' engagement with the site.

In this video, the team at Firepole Marketing define the 4Ps of marketing (Place, Price, Product and Promotion) and investigate how, if properly combined and implemented into a marketing plan, they can increase sales and bring more value and satisfaction to your customers.