Ray Robson

I am a Marketing Professional with over 25 years’ experience in marketing including technical and creative, business-to-business and retail, website design, email marketing, online advertising and social media. From working with companies such as Audi, Siemens and British Telecom, I aim to bring this broad experience to benefit a number of clients with small and medium sized enterprises.

In recent years I have focussed on all aspects of digital marketing - using electronic technology and media to fulfil the objectives of maximising online presence and optimising communication with customers to improve customer retention and acquire new business. 


What I do

I have one key objective - to work with organisations that need help and support with how their business, brand, products or their services are marketed.  I can work independently or as part of an existing marketing function and that may be instead of, or alongside external agencies. I am happy to advise on and plan marketing activities if required but I'm just as happy to be very "hands-on" with day-to-day work such as writing website copy, putting together email & social media content, finding or creating suitable images and briefing your current agencies.

I can work with clients to either help them to become better at the areas of marketing that they may not have done themselves or taking the whole marketing process off their desks and then planning and delivering what is needed efficiently, effectively and at the best costs.

I can work on an ad-hoc basis, charging by the hour, for individual projects or at a daily rate for ongoing support. I will only charge, at a pre-agreed rate, for time spent exclusively working on your behalf.